Voices of a distant star

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A multifandom post
Farewell my concubine--3
Harry Potter--1
Yakitate! Japan--1
Scarlet Pimpernel--5
Oscar Wilde/Robbie Ross (Not for sharing)

You know the rules. The Wilde set was a gift.
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Not for Stealing, Oscar Wilde and Robert Ross

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Voices of a distant star

5 Wallpapers <3 1024x768

Most of these were rejected by minitokyo, because they're rediculous bitches :D ...these are a lot better than most of the stuff they have up there. Aparently, it's more important that you cut out anime characters and put them in front of a manhattan septic tank or make sure every single pixel is differently coloured than you consider artistry or overall effect of the wallpaper.


5 wallpapers. 1 Yakitate! Japan, 3 generic shoujo ai, 1 FYCollapse )
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