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Responses to recent icon meme

I did a meme recently wherein I made icons for people based upon their interests if they commented on a post at my personal journal.

As such, these are for record keeping purposes, meaning regretably, that they are not available to be taken.

Himemiya Anthy and Spontaneous Trips to Nowhere. for conquistelocait

Himemiya Anthy for conquistelocait

Chobits for usagicookies

Hedwig and the Angry Inch for heykidbiteme

Erotica for black__widow_

Red and black and saying fuck for jacobcasino

Phantom of the Opera and Sartre for jiatra

Aburatsubo Ayanojou and Edna St-Vincent Millay for indigoinks

Edna St-Vincent Millay for indigoinks

Wine and the French Revolution for yashakizu

I still actually have 2 to make ^^;

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