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iconfiend100 challenge. Hotohori. Started 3 July 2005.

Sources linked to in user info.
Thanks to jiatra for certain animation techniques. 77words for coding for the table. ^_^;;
Count: 64/100
If you take, comment and credit mitochondrialme or seiran_icons

You exist in my universeCollapse )

Update 4: 7 January 2006
31. SUGAR AND SPICE 32. HOLIDAY 33. BEGINNER'S LUCK 34. FORGOTTEN 36. COMFORT 37. CANDY "Life is Sweet" by Nathalie Merchant 38. PRESENT "No day but today" from RENT 39. HOLD MY HAND 40. SPIRITUAL "Death Spiritual" from 2nd OVA. 41. STARVING 42. JOY "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's 9th 44. 31 FLAVORS 46. KEEPING A SECRET 47. OPEN DOORS 48. LACE 49. FOREVER AND A DAY 50. FOOD 61. PRO PATRIA MORI "Dulce et decorum est" by William Owens. 62. REUNION 63. FORGET REGRET "No day but today" from RENT 64. DEIFIED

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