Voices of a distant star

Credits and Sources

Egad I should have done this ages ago.

Fonts have come from Misprinted Type as well as default ones for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Windows ME.

Programs used have included Adobe Photoshop 6.0, 7.0, Imageready, Ulead Gif Animator, and MSPaint (I loves me the MSPaint)

Brushes have come from the community 100x100_brushes, _joni, daughterofsnape, quebelly, emoico_ , saihara, september_icons, twinklebyte, tragic_icons and bunny_icons.

Textures come from jiatra, Infinite Fish and playing with random images off google.

Screencaps have generally been collected by myself and graphics collected from around the internet. Fanart will be credited on an as needed basis, but is generally not used.
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Voices of a distant star

16 Icons--PS 7--Rent, Shutterbox

8 Shutterbox
8 Rent

*Comment if you take anything (or heck comment anyhow, I luffs the feedback! ♥)
*Credit the rent icons to seiran_icons or mitochondrialme. The Shutterbox icons have the same rules <b>with the caveat that you should credit the art to shutterbox</b> There's room for both in the comment bar, I've checked. Credit for me is highly appreciated, but credit for shutterbox on the Shutterbox icons more of a term of agreement in taking the icon &hearts;
*Bases are customisable.

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Voices of a distant star

Responses to recent icon meme

I did a meme recently wherein I made icons for people based upon their interests if they commented on a post at my personal journal.

As such, these are for record keeping purposes, meaning regretably, that they are not available to be taken.

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I still actually have 2 to make ^^;
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Voices of a distant star

iconfiend100 challenge. Hotohori. Started 3 July 2005.

Sources linked to in user info.
Thanks to jiatra for certain animation techniques. 77words for coding for the table. ^_^;;
Count: 64/100
If you take, comment and credit mitochondrialme or seiran_icons

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Update 4: 7 January 2006
31. SUGAR AND SPICE 32. HOLIDAY 33. BEGINNER'S LUCK 34. FORGOTTEN 36. COMFORT 37. CANDY "Life is Sweet" by Nathalie Merchant 38. PRESENT "No day but today" from RENT 39. HOLD MY HAND 40. SPIRITUAL "Death Spiritual" from 2nd OVA. 41. STARVING 42. JOY "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's 9th 44. 31 FLAVORS 46. KEEPING A SECRET 47. OPEN DOORS 48. LACE 49. FOREVER AND A DAY 50. FOOD 61. PRO PATRIA MORI "Dulce et decorum est" by William Owens. 62. REUNION 63. FORGET REGRET "No day but today" from RENT 64. DEIFIED
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